2008 Pontiac G5 Sensor Location:

pontiac sensor locationOBD2 Pontiac fault codes might be tough to fix but if it is an engine sensor problem, you can try fixing it. This happens if the garage will ask you unbelievable charges. But before you doing it, find the solution from google if there is a common fix for the OBD2 sensor code. You can search the engine sensor codes and find the code description. When it shows, find the sensor location using the listing below. Once the sensor is located, you can either visually check it if is doable, measure the power, signal and ground voltage going thru it using a digital voltmeter. Don't do this without proper instructions and if the task looks complicated. Instructions are usually available from your local parts store or if you check the online mechanics.

Shown below are listings of OBD2 Pontiac sensor locations: (You need a comparable wiring diagram to pinpoint the exact location)

OBD2 Pontiac Sensor Description
Pontiac Sensor Location
Accelerator Pedal Sensor Near Pedal Bracket
A/C Refrigerant Press. Sensor 2.2L & 2.4L Engine Compartment Right front
Ambient Air Press. Sensor Left Headlight Right Side
Ambient Light Sensor Near WIndshiel Driver's Side
AT Transmission Fluid Temp Sensor Inside AT Transmission
Automatic ISS Sensor Above Right Side of Transmission
Battery Current Sensor Back Compartment
Camshaft Position Sensor - Exhaust Engine Right Side, Near Camshaft
Camshaft Position Sensor - Intake Engine Left Side, Near Camshaft
Camshaft Position Sensor Top Starter Motor
Camshaft Position Sensor 2.2L Engine Lower Left Rear
Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor 2.2L Back of Engine, Near Exhaust Manifold
Engine Coolant Temp. Sensor 2.4L Back of Engine, Below Exhaust
Fuel Tank Press. Sensor 2.2l & 2.4L Fuel Tank Top
Heated Oxygen Sensor 1 Engine Compartment Rear
Heated Oxygen Sensor 2.2L Engine Compartment Rear
Heated Oxygen Sensor 2 Engine COmpartment rear
Inflatable Side Impact Sensor Left Below Corner of Drivers Door
Inflatable Side Impact Sensor Right Below Corner of Passengers door
Input Speed Sensor Engine Compartment Left Side
Knock Sensor 6 Engine Lower Left Side
Manifold Absolute Press. Sensor Engine Top Front, No.3 Cylinder Intake
Mass Airflow/ Air Temp. Sensor After Air Cleaner, On Intake
Output Speed Sensor Back of Engine Compartment
Seatbelt Tension Sensor In Passengers Seat Belt Retractor
Vehicle Speed Sensor Above of Manual Transmission
Wheel Speed Sensor LF Wheel Hub Left Front
Wheel Speed Sensor LR Wheel Hub Left Rear
Wheel Speed Sensor RF Wheel Hub Right Front
Wheel Speed Sensor RR Wheel Hub Right Rear

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