OBD2 ECM Wiring Terminals for 2006-2008 Ford Vehicles ford obd2 codes

Shown below are listings of OBD2 Ford vehicles ecm pin connections

OBD2 Vehicles
OBD2 Codes
OBD2 Tests
2006-2008 Ford Ranger XLT P0174 Bank2 lean chk ethanol fuel
2006-2008 Ford F250 Multicodes Mil lights/no power chk shorted wires
2006-2008 Mercury G.Marquis P260F Evap sys failure shorted purge crtk
2006-2008 Ford Focus PO171 System lean bank1 chk vac leak/fuel
2006-2008 Crown Victoria P2196 Bank1 staying rich chk fuel pres sensor
2006-2008 F250 P0453 Evap system fault chk evap tube assy
2006-2008 Ford Ranger XL P2196 bank1 sensor1 rich chk fuel injectors
2006-2008 Ford Ranger XLT P0171 Bank1 lean chk fuel injectors
2006-2008 Ford Escape P0174 Bank2 lean chk mass sensor
2006-2008 Ford E350 P0191 Fuel press crtk chk ecm crtk
2006-2008 Ford E350 P1450 Evap vacuum leak chk evap purge solenoid

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