Volkswagen OBD1 Codes Retrieval For Pre-1996 Vehicles

Volkswagen vehicles 1988-1995 obd1 code retrieval

You can access your check engine light codes in Volkswagen vehicles for vehicles made from 1988 to 1994. It is done using 2 ways: one type using a rocker switch located at the bottom at your dash panel and a second type using a jumper connected to the diagnostic connector located in the console


When activating the codes using the fist type, press and hold down the rocker switch for 4-5 seconds and with ignition key on, engine off. Release the switch after the code starts flashing in the dash (see “check” light in the dash) and press and hold it again for 4-6 seconds and the rest of the codes should continue flashing.

Using the jumper wire, connect the black end of the jumper wire to the black diagnostic connector of the center console while the white end of the jumper wire connects to the white diagnostic connector of the center console. The jumper wire is available from the dealer and is called “wire cable 357 971 514E”. This jumper wire must be connected for 5 seconds and remove after the codes begin flashing.

For both systems, a code is flashed at 2.5 seconds each and comes as a four digit codes. As soon as you get codes 4444 or 0000, it means the end of the code and it can be stopped by turning the key off. After performing repairs and if you do not get code 4444, it means the problem is not fixed.

To clear the codes, wait until code 4444 is displayed and turn the ignition switch off. Connect the jumper wire to the diagnostic connectors again and turn the ignition switch on. Leave the jumper wire for 5 seconds and wait if code 4444 to appear again. When it does, the codes are erased and the ignition switch can be turned off and jumper wire remove.

Here are common obd1 Volkswagen codes 1988 to 1994:

Code 4444 No fault indicated
Code 2212 Throttle valve potentiometer fault
Code 2312 Engine coolant sensor fault
Code 2322 Intake air temperature sensor fault
Code 2342 Oxygen sensor fault
Code 2141 Knock sensor fault
Code 2341 Oxygen sensor control (vacuum or exhaust leak, wiring fault)
Code 2323 Air flow sensor fault
Code 4411 Fuel injector fault
Code 1111 Control unit
Code 0000 End of code transfer: 2.5 second flashes at 2.5 seconds interval

After getting your Volkswagen OBD1 codes, reset it first to confirm if you have a temporary or permanent codes. Temporary codes are usually erased whereas permanent (hard) codes need to be fixed before they can be erased. To erase, simply disconnect the battery negative terminal for 1-2 minutes and reconnect. Re-start engine until warmed up and get the code again. If you get the same code after the 2nd scanning, then that is a permanent code.


Sometime, permanent codes will not show up during a regular warm up period but could sometime takes a day or two of driving before the code shows up. This is true if the defective component is borderline, meaning it could work 50-50 times during operation. And if you check it when it is working half of the time, then the code won't show up.



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