BMW OBD1 Codes Retrieval System without Using a scanner!

BMW vehicles obd1 code retrieval

BMW check engine light codes for OBD1

You can get the check engine light codes of BMW vehicles for models made before 1995 using the check engine light. All you need to are:

Turn ignition key to run with engine not running

Depress gas pedal 5 times in wide open throttle (WOT) position within 5 seconds

Read the flash codes in the dash using the code table below.

Flash Code Table:

Code 1211 MCU malfunction
Code 1215 Air mass flow sensor fault
Code 1221 Oxygen sensor
Code 1222 Oxygen sensor control
Code 1223 Engine coolant temperature
Code 1224 Air intake temperature
Code 1231 Battery voltage
Code 1232 Idle throttle valve switch
Code 1233 Full load throttle valve switch
Code 1251 and Code 1252 Injection valve
Code 1261 Fuel pump relay
Code 1262 Idle speed control valve
Code 1263 Fuel tank vent valve
Code 1264 Oxygen sensor heater relay
Code 1444 No failure

Getting the above BMW fault codes do not necessarily mean it is a serious or hard code. Sometimes it could be erased first and then re-tried again to make sure if the original code is permanent or not. A lot of the common BMW OBD1 fixes are based on doing the basic engine maintenance requirements. Sometimes, garages are using the most common fixes available on the vehicles repair database which are usually stored in garages or vehicle's manufacturer's files.

To get a free examples of free OBD1 and OBD2 fixes that may apply to your BMW vehicles, please click on the link below:

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