Hyundai OBD1 Codes Retrieval For Pre-1996 Vehicles

Hyundai vehicles 1989-95 obd1 code retrieval

To get your check engine light codes for Hyundai vehicles 1989-95 is simple. All it needs is your analog voltmeter (a voltmeter that has a needle indicator) hooked up to your diagnostic connector. The diagnostic connector is usually located under your dash panel on the left side of the steering column.

To hook up the voltmeter, connect the positive lead on the “mpi” diagnostic pin on the top right corner of the connector and the negative lead is connected to the ground pin of the diagnostic connector located in the lower left corner.

You can then turn the key on and watch the codes being sweep by the needle of your voltmeter. Example: A code 13 is shown as 1 sweep of long duration followed by 3 sweeps of short duration. Also if there are more codes, it will be shown in numerical order.

Hyundai check engine light codes for OBD1

Here are some popular obd1 codes for Hyundai 1989-1995 vehicles:

Code 11 Oxygen sensor
Code 12 Air flow sensor
Code 13 Air temperature sensor
Code 14 Throttle positioner sensor
Code 15 Motor position sensor
Code 21 Engine coolant sensor
Code 22 Crank angle sensor
Code 23 No.1 cylinder top dead center sensor
Code 24 Vehicle speed sensor
Code 25 Barometric pressure sensor
Code 41 Injector
Code 42 Fuel pump
Code 43 EGR
Code 44 Ignition coil fault
Code 59 Oxygen sensor fault

After getting your Hyundai OBD1 codes, reset it first to confirm if you have a temporary or permanent codes. Temporary codes are usually erased whereas permanent (hard) codes need to be fixed before they can be erased. To erase, simply disconnect the battery negative terminal for 1-2 minutes and reconnect. Re-start engine until warmed up and get the code again. If you get the same code after the 2nd scanning, then that is a permanent code.


Sometime, permanent codes will not show up during a regular warm up period but could sometime takes a day or two of driving before the code shows up. This is true if the defective component is borderline, meaning it could work 50-50 times during operation. And if you check it when it is working half of the time, then the code won't show up.

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